Naked City

'Naked City Lampscape' is part of the 'Naked City' project, inspired by the stiuationist artist and theorist Guy Debord and Italo Calivino's 'Invisible Cities'.

The lamp was presented at Galleria Rossana Orlandi during Fuorisalone 2010 in Milan.

It plays on the relationship between the two themes of the city and the mirror, resulting in a luminous skyline that is doubled up, a city of light that strives both upwards and downwards and freely interchanges scales and orientation within its limits.

Being made from parchment paper (skin) and corrugated cardboard (structure), the lamp is available in two sizes. The big version is 120cm*70cm*50cm.

The small version is a slice of the big one with the measurements 40cm*70cm*50cm

In collaboration with Alexander Graef
Project funded by Fedrigoni.
Year: 2010
Galleria Rossana Orlandi 
Septieme Etage, Geneva