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“ I am looking for innovation through experimentation with the materials, their manipulation and processes involved working on the fine line between experimental and functional objects.”

Natascha Madeiski is a multidisciplinary designer  working on the fine line between experimental and functional objects. 

The studio produces unique handcrafted collectible design objects as well as it is collaborating with design brands.

Her projects mostly based on her architectural background and research, she seeks to bridge elements between industrial fabrication and handcrafted making processes.

London, Uk
+44 (0)7533310243
Represented by

Mint Gallery, London,UK
House Of Grey, London,UK
Artists and Objects, UK

LookLikeLove, London,UK
Kobi and Teal, Frome, UK
Delisart, Switzerland
Klemenza, Paddington, Australia
Art Jameel Shop, Dubai, UAE



April 2010, Milan, Italy


Salone Del Mobile/2010, Naked City Lampscapes' exhibition at Galleria Rossana Orlandi  



April 2010, Milan, Italy

Salone Del Mobile/2010, 'Stuck,Stuck,Stuck' exhibition at Galleria Plusdesign 


April 2010, Istanbul, Turkey

Fusion Istanbul/2010, 'Paper vases' design exhibition at Bir Nokta Gallery




September 2010, Rotterdam, Netherlands

'Enlightenment'  exhibition curated by Duran/Vanderpoort


October 2010, Milan, Italy

'Top applications'  exhibition at the Triennale di Milano organised and curated by Fedrigoni


November 2010, Geneva,Switzerland 

'Naked City Lights' design exhibition at Septieme Etage gallery in Geneva

April 2012, Milan, Italy

Salone Del Mobile/2012' Scarlet at group exhibition 'Runway'


September 2015, London, UK


The London Design Festival/2015, 'Now And Then'  exhibition at the Cornershop Gallery/Craftscentral in collaboration with Linnie Mclarty


May 2016, London, UK

'Spring Forms' group exhibition at Mint Gallery.


November 2017, London, UK

'All Scars Have a Pink That Shows’ exhibition and curation at Tripp Gallery.

March 2018, London, UK


‘Barbican Open Fest’ Curation and organisation of a ceramics show at the Barbican’s conservatory. Funded by the Barbican Centre.

September 2018, London, UK


The London Design Festival/2018, 'In The Neighbourhood/ Grey House and Blue house'   exhibition during the London Design Festival curated by Louisa Grey/ House Of Grey and Morgwn Rimel

December 2019, New York, USA


‘Dinner’ exhibited work at LMAK Gallery Soho

September 2019, London, UK

Clerkenwell Design Festival/2019, ‘Mosaic’ group exhibition at Mint Gallery

September 2019, London, UK

The London Design Festival/2019, 'Perfectly-Precarious' joint exhibit with Arjan Van Dal

October 2020, London, UK

Londoncraftweek/2020, '300 Objects' 

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