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Foam Crafted Fusion 2024

Limited edition of blown glass vessels.

Carved  2022

Bespoke sculptural ceramic stools.

Carved Centerpiece
Carved Centrepieces 2022

Ceramic centrepieces in different sizes.

true love Pulpo Flaming Stars
Flaming Stars x pulpo 2022

Edition of seven sculptural ceramic table lamps.

humorous and playful range of sculptural lights
Mash Up 2021

Playful  and humorous edition of sculptural lights.

Windswept / Limited edition print
Spontaneous Diary 2020

Collection of limited edition prints.

Moth To A Flame porcelain container
Moth To A Flame 2019

Range of small sculptures sold as either empty lidded containers or filled as scented candles.

Terrazzo Vases 2018/porcelain
Terrazzo Vases 2018

Whilst terrazzo surfaces consist of durable materials such as marble or 

concrete mixed with cement or epoxy, 

this project explores the terrazzo production techniques with porcelain as an exciting new material.

Anfractuous 2017/tableware
Anfractuous 2017

Referring to places of origin, rough surface textures of mountainous landscapes become the main element in this deriving range of tableware.

Now And Then 2015/porcelain container range
Now And Then 2015

Referencing elements of the archaeological site in Byblos in Lebanon the project reflects on the nature of change and the ability to re-purpose.

Scarlet 2012/ floor light
Scarlet 2012

Lighting sculpture fabricated in birch plywood.

Naked City 2010/parchment paper lamp in collaboration with Fedrigoni
Naked City 2010

Playing on the relationship between the two themes of the city and the mirror, the resulting objects become a luminous skyline and cities of light.

Haircut 2009/floor light
Haircut 2009

Floor light.

Paper Vases 2009/porcelain
Paper Vases 2009

Manipulation of materials, but also manipulation of the observers' perception are key elements in this project.

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