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The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, however, most of us rarely travel via a straight line, and our journey is often a meandering one, involving trial and error, doubling back on ourselves and re-treading part, or parts of old ground before moving on to new.  It is frequently the journey rather than the destination that has the greatest potential, and holds our interest the most.  This project reflects on places of origin through familiar textures of nature and underpinned by the theme of the journey it references the rough surface textures of mountainous landscapes.

'Anfractuous' is a series of tableware in coloured stoneware combined with cast brass cutlery.

In collaboration with Linnie Mclarty
Year: 2017
Anfractuous tableware
Anfractuous tableware
Anfractuous 2017
Photography: Lol Johnson
Art direction / Styling: Daniel Michael Hubbard 
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