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Flaming Stars x pulpo

IMG_4418 Small_edited.jpg

“We often give very little value to a balloon, a discarded off cut, things that we keep in our drawers. On reflection these are often objects that we connect to specific moments and therefor they are kept to preserve these memories. During the pandemic we all have been closer to our homes and our belongings, I used what was there already”

true love_edited_edited.jpg
king creole_edited.jpg

Flaming Stars is a project concerning itself with the appropriation of already existing objects. It borrows everyday objects of low value, copies and alters them.

Several objects were used in this process; to mention a few: a modelling balloon, a plastic funnel, off cut materials,  even some home baked bread. All these objects form an archive of available parts which initially have been spontaneously assembled into humorous ceramic collages. The lamps are produced in ceramic using a slip-casting technique. For pulpo the collection has been set to seven different characters which are now available in a colourful glazed or a metallic silver finish.

little mama-orange_edited.jpg
true love_crop.jpg
lady madonna_crop.jpg
long tall sally-silver_edited_edited_edi
true love-silver_edited.jpg

Join us during this coming Milan Design Week 2022 for the launch of Flaming Stars at Pulpo.L.O.V.E. Bank.

Year: 2022
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