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Terrazzo Vases

Terrazzo Vases

The history of terrazzo can be traced back to the early stages of the Neolithic period.

The form of terrazzo used today derives from the 18th century Venetian pavement and the cheaper Seminato. Terrazzo was created when resourceful Venetian mosaic workers discovered a way to reuse marble remnants.

With odd sized chips they began to build terraces around their living quarters.

During the Art Deco and the Moderne from the 1920to 1940 the popularity of terrazzo as a material rose. 

Architects of that time were the first to recognize the vast design potential of terrazzo and its unlimited spectrum of colours and colour combinations.

Whilst terrazzo surfaces consist of durable materials such as marble, granite, concrete or metal aggregates mixed with cement or epoxy, this project explores the terrazzo production techniques with porcelain as an exciting new material.

The coloured chips are pre made using a marbling technique which are later integrated into the slip casting process to blend with the main body.

Each vase only reveals colours and their unique patterns after being sanded down.

Year: 2018
Terrazzo Vases 2018
Terrazzo Vases 2018
Terrazzo Vases Making process
Terrazzo Vases 2018
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